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Co-Parenting | Holiday Schedules

Arranging holiday schedules between two households, to make everyone happy, can be a very tricky thing. Depending on the cooperation of your ex (man or woman). When I first separated from my husband, that was not on my mind. I was just trying to heal and make sure my boys were adjusting as much as possible.

I left a week before Thanksgiving, so that was just a mess. But when Christmas came very soon after, I felt that for the boys sake we should do Christmas at the house all together. That was a big mistake, especially because it was a very fresh brake. I'm sure there are a lot of ex couples that are able to do this together, and perhaps one day we will be able to as well. But for right now... it's best if we limit our time around each other.

So how do you agree on a fair splitting of holiday time? There are some holidays that are more important to me and vice versa. This Christmas I had them for Christmas Eve and their father had them Christmas Day. That worked a lot better than trying to put on a happy face and risk fighting, ruining the day.

Easter is coming up and it's a big holiday for my ex because of his religion and family traditions. And that's fine, I get it. But does that mean I have to give up easter entirely? Nope, not fair. BUT... we came up with a compromise for this year. We split the day in half. But I'm still new to all this splitting of time. I also want to include my kids in the decision. What they would like to do. But I am predicting a lot of complications in the future.

Tell me how you worked through this. Did your ex cooperate or push back? What is your holiday schedule like? Help me, please.

What's your holiday schedule?

  • 0%We do it together.

  • 0%We alternate holidays.

  • 0%We split the day in half.

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