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Beginnings of my Single Mom Life

 There's plenty of women out there like me,  my mom was one of them.  And I have the utmost respect for her and the sacrafices she made.  And being in this position now,  I appreciate her even more.  Not that it was all roses growing up.  But we do the best we can.  

I began my single momhood a little over a year ago.  I had left my husband and moved into a semi studio apartment and it was Thanksgiving.  I remember feeling a juxtaposition of emotions.  Loneliness, relief, courage, rage, scared, excitment.  You name it. 

That night was hard.   Sitting in an apartment with boxes all around me, and my kids with their dad, eating a thanksgiving meal.  It was a hard pill to swollow.  I ate a frozen microwave dinner.  But even in that dark moment I knew I had done the right thing. 

That decision was one of the hardest things I've done in my life,  as I think it is for all who go through it. 

This blog is a reflection of this time in my life.  For others to commiserate and feel not alone.  And to possibly help support me and my boys.  Starting over is never easy.  I'd love to hear your stories as well.

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