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Beginning The Journey As A Single Mom

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hello my fellow single mom's and/or supporters of single moms! Starting over is an extremely hard thing to do. Each child is different, and each mother is different. There's no one formula or guideline that works for everyone. I feel like a blind woman in a minefield some days.

But what I CAN say is that it does get easier. And I had a particularly difficult seperation ( I will dive further into my experience as I post.) But my boys did acclamate to two different homes and the schedule. Not gonna lie, those first few months were brutal. There's no way around it, but if seperating from your partner is whats best for you and your children, then it's worth it. Only you know whats best for your situation. And if you don't... maybe this blog can give you some feeling that you are not alone and can talk to people who are in the same damn life boat. And I say life boat because it is exactly where we are. Escaping the sinking ship of marriage and heading to survival.

This is just the beginning of this blog. So please give your support by commenting and letting me know what you'd like to talk about.

(Full disclosure, I am putting affiliate ads on here because I'm a single mom and need to support my boys. So any ad you click on from here, and buy whatever product it is, I will get a commission. So buying stuff you already would, also helps contribute to a good cause. Plus I may have some deals and coupons. I will never promote anything I don't use myself or believe in.)

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